Hello random question

Does anyone want to test a coconut :coconut::palm_tree: I’m not done yet but I will be and I was wondering if I should post a tester call it will be out by Tuesday yeah I just feel like there is not much coconut patterns here on Ribblr so I would like to add mine if you are interested in testing please let me know and if you have any ideas on things that we don’t have much on Ribblr please tell me because I would love to release some things that we don’t have much of please and thank :coconut::coconut::coconut::coconut::coconut: put a :coconut: if you would like to test and i wull put you on my wheel for tester picking


I’ve never seen a coconut pattern before, that would be something I’d like to see on here


Thank you yeah I just thought like it would be a cool pattern to release :cowboy_hat_face:


can i see a pic?
also you shd post a tester call

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Would love to test if you decide to do a tester call.

Def will it’s in the making can’t wait everyones finished product

YES YES YES YES YES PLEASE!!! I would absolutely test that for you! Lmk when you post a tester call for it!