Helmar Palooza!

so in the spirit of summer and of spreading the word, I’m on here to shamelessly plug Helmar Palooza!
It’s a free Christian concert event in northern Illinois, there’s games, food, and live music all for free!
I know so many people including myself that have gone and had an amazing, life changing time, and no matter where you’re from, you can come!
And again, the best part is, it’s free!
get your tickets today and come experience the absolute wonder that is Helmar Palooza, hope to see you there!

(wow I sounded like a massive ad but seriously its the best)


Ad!!! Woooooo thank you for sharing though! Had never heard of that before!


lol yeah I swear on my life it’s not really I’ve just heard the same promo speech a million times-

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Been there! I get it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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