Help determining pattern starting number?

I am getting ready to start making a skirt using this pattern. I need help figuring it out how many starting stitches. The bodice waistband currently ends with 200 sts. I need to determine how many increases I need to add to the waistband in order to start the skirt.

The image is upside down. The “bottom” of the picture is the top of the pattern.


It’s a bit tricky because it looks like some of the image was cropped off, but I would guess multiples of 16 stitches assuming a repeat is from a dc cluster to just before another dc cluster (each ch 3 would skip over 3 stitches). So maybe 208 stitches to start with?

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It was cropped from a square blanket to create flare skirt.

That makes sense. You can’t see in the chart how increases are made, but you’ll need them in order to achieve the flare.

How do I add increases to a pattern like this?

You could work the last (ch 3, sc) at the end of a purple row, into the 12th dc of a pink row. That would give you a place to start a new dc cluster. Though, I’m not sure how you could increase on both ends without ending up with a line of dc clusters directly next to each other. If you wanted to avoid that, maybe chain an extra 16 chs at the end of a purple row to create a base for a lattice increase? This is all assuming you’re working in turning rows and planning to sew the sides together.

If the waistband is the width of the hips, maybe you can just crochet the skirt straight down without needing to increase anything.

It’s done in rounds, not rows. That’s the trouble I’m having figuring out this pattern. I found the stitch /pattern on a baby blanket (etsy) and fell in love with it. It took almost a year studying the picture and asking others for help just to figure out the pattern without having to buy a $75 blanket.

I think the easiest thing would be to increase the waistband to the size of your hips. Then you could crochet it in rounds (and straight down) without a problem. Here are some examples of what that would look like:

Another idea is to make 2 sc into every waistband st, in the row before the skirt (208 x 2 = 416 sts to start the skirt with). That might create a bit of a flare appearance. The bottom of this skirt pattern did that beneath the granny squares: