Help figuring out where to start with recreating this hat?

Hey folks— I love this hat from Aritizia and am itching to recreate it, as it’s sold out and probably not coming back. In the details for the beanie it says it was crocheted, so I’m just trying to figure out what stitch they used/maybe what yarn weight. I’m a beginner crocheter so i think it’s probably super simple but it’s a mystery to me! Seems like it’s crocheted with two strands of yarn together? What do y’all think? Any analysis/help would be lovely—thank you!


This looks like velvet yarn to me - probably weight 5. I would try using a 6.50mm hook, and I’ll try to figure out what stitch this is - it might be a special stitch that’s crocheted but looks like knitted.
Hope this helps!


That looks exactly like garter stitch knit flat, shaped with short rows to shape the top of the hat and seamed when finished. I don’t crochet so have no idea how it’s crocheted.


I agree that it’s worked double stranded, it doesn’t really matter what type of yarn weight you use, as long as you make the hat long enough! One way that I know how to crochet garter stitch is to chain until you have the length you want (keep in mind that you’ll be folding the bottom) and then work slip stitches in the front loop only all the way across the row. In the next row you would work slip stitches in the back loop only. Then repeat, working slip stitches in the front and back loop only, every other row