Help! i would like to make more sales!

Hello, I am a teen wanting to make some money out of what I love doing, but for the past week I haven’t been able to make as many sales as I need to be able to purchase more materials and I have run out filling and I need to purchase safety eyes.
Could you give any tips to boost my sales or help me in any way?


Same I haven’t gotten any sales since I started my shop. One advice I have though is to do a shop sale and discount your items.


If you’re on Instagram, try making reels with popular sounds and then using hashtags that are relevant to what you’ve made. Sometimes these reels are seen by more people than posts are, and will get you more attention :slight_smile:


It’s all about consistency! The more you design, the better you get at it and the more patterns you have to offer.
Plus, you can get testers to perfect your designs (published & upcoming ones), and ask them to share a good review & a journal so this way you’re creating really a whole eco-system for your shop whilst improving your skills as a designer & shop owner.



I agree with everyones tips abover but I also recommend making inatagram reels, tik toks or linking to pinterest! Social media is a great tool to get people to see your patterns

I would definetly reccomend pinterest. Before I found Ribblr i would use it a lot to get ideas and find new things to try.


thanks to everyone that left tips and suggestions!