Help me find my yarn

So I’m working on a project and I pulled out a ball of yarn that I’ve had for probably almost two years. The thing is that I bought a ton of other yarn from the same person and this particular ball of yarn had no label. I’m afraid I’ll run out so I figured I’d put up a picture and cross my fingers that someone knows what kind of yarn it is and where I can purchase more of it.
Here’s the pictures:

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So if you know what kind of yarn this is then please don’t hesitate to say anything. Any kind of help is appreciated :heart:


Youre looking for a needle in a haystack you know that right?


The “halo” makes me think it’s some type of animal fiber, or fiber blend. The loops in it makes me think it’s probably a blend rather than all natural fibers, but there are some acrylics that can have a halo-they are very few though.

I love to buy yarn at the thrift store because they can have some really interesting finds, and something I do to figure out which fiber it is made of is burning a piece. Burned natural fibers will leave an ash stump that crumbles very easily, but if it contains acrylic or polyester, the stump will be hard, almost like a bead. If it partly crumbles and is partly hard, it’s likely a mix of natural and synthetic fibers.
They also have different smells–cotton smells like burned paper, wool and other animal fiber smells like burned hair, and acrylic smells kinda fishy. If you do this, I advise you to do it outside–the smell can get kind of strong.

The advice above isn’t really helping finding the brand or name, but knowing what fiber/fiber blend to look for could be a start :slight_smile:


I kinda figured that much but I’m trying to be hopeful especially since that’s all I’ve got​:smiling_face_with_tear: I’m just crossing my fingers :crossed_fingers:


Thanks so much! I’ll have to try that​:heart: