Help me please

Hey! So I started this knitting pattern and honestly I’m not exactly sure what I’m supposed to be doing for this part.

First of all why should I cast on 10 stitches when a fruit pattern is 13 stitches at its widest point
Second of all can I just add the 10 stitches on both sides of the back piece
Those things aren’t the only things I don’t understand about this part, I just generally don’t get it
I really threw myself in the deep with this as I’ve only made one knit thing before and I just really need some help please. Everything is appreciated.


Did you get this on Ribblr? Maybe ask the designer or tag others who have made it if there are journals.
Hard to say without knowing the pattern, can you add a pic/link for the finished design you’re making? I’ve made a sweater in the round before where it was knit in the round up to the armpit, then split for working the front and back flat. I had to cast on some stitches at the armpits to add ease to the sleeves…

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I didn’t get this at ribblr. This is the photo of the finished piece included in the pattern

The pattern is worked from the top down

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Oh then casting on under the arms at the sides makes sense, to give you enough fabric for it to be comfortable. If you don’t cast on sts there it will be too skinny.

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With cast on sts to make the sides.

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And presumably you only cast on 10 because there are already a few sts in white on either side of the fruits, so you just need to add enough to fit in one more fruit repeat on each side.
Hope this helps! If you still have questions you might be able to find the pattern on Ravelry. If you look at other knitters’ projects they often add helpful notes or you can message them.