Help me!

Hey y’all. New here and new to crocheting, I want to try and make a sweater with a v neck with a more baggy torso, but I don’t even know where to start. Of anyone could help me with yarn sizes and basic v neck guide I would be eternally grateful


I’d be interested in hearing the answer to this, also….
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my suggestion would be to look for a free pattern that you like the style of and follow that. Most of crochet and knit does not make sense until you have done it at least once.
You can look here in the pattern library, I would recommend sticking to Yarnspirations designs because those will be the most tested and professionally edited and graded. Or you can check with the free pattern database of any of the yarn companies. No sense in frustrating yourself with a possible bad pattern this early in the game.
Once you have actually finished a piece, the parts and construction will make more sense and you will get an idea of how to manipulate them to suit your style. I always suggest you use the same pattern a few times and play with that so that it isn’t a brand new thing to decipher each time.


you should also search youtube for tutorials on gauge and swatches. These are VITAL for garments


Hi welcome to the community! I hope you enjoy it here :smile: @PleiadesCrochet and @Ashlover18 I found this YouTube tutorial for v necks that looks good

As for the yarn sizes, I think first it’s important to know what yarn is good for you as some can cause skin irritation depending on the person, I believe ones that are Oeko Tex Standard 100 verified are good they usually have it on the yarn label somewhere as it’s generally something companies put on if it is lol, after that I think finding yarn thats machine washable is important as well since you’ll be wearing it, acrylic yarn is good for this as it holds up and can be machine washed, cotton and wool are good for warmth but you’ll have to make sure they’re machine washable or at least able to be hand washed.

Once that’s out of the way I think it’ll be good to find yarn skeins with a lot of yards and a good price since garmets do require lots of yarn. As for yarn sizes some companies have them different so you could find two different yarns the same size but be completely different and it could be confusing but in general they’re usually similar I found this video that might be able to help with that as well

If there’s any more help/questions you have or need me to explain something in more detail feel free to ask! Once again welcome to Ribblr! :grin:


Thanks so much I really appreciate it!