Help Needed!! Testing pattern.

Once I have tested a pattern, What do I do?? I have sent photos and made a journal, Should I just remove myself from testing? this was my first pattern test so I have no idea, thanks for help!!


Don’t remove yourself till the designer tells you to, or if they do it themselves :slight_smile:


Once you are done with testing, the designer will typically gift you the pattern and a karma point, provided that you followed the guidelines in the test and finished in time :slight_smile:
That is something only the designer can do, and if you remove yourself from the test it basically tells the designer that you won’t finish the test at all–and you won’t get the pattern or karma point (they can’t gift you anything without re-adding you as a tester in that case).

Usually what happens is that once you’ve finished the test and talked about eventual flaws/post a picture in the tester group chat, it’s just to wait; your work is done!
Some designers gift patterns during the testing period, while others do it on the last day/a day after the testing.

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Yep, once you have sent photos and made a journal, the only thing left to do is to send any feedback about the pattern to the designer (feedback doesn’t go in the journal, as that is public and feedback is better given privately). The designer will either gift you the pattern or remove you from the test when they are ready. Also congrats on completing your first test!