Help understanding terms/techniques(?)

I’m new-ish to knitting and am having some trouble understanding some terms in this (frankly wonderful) beanie pattern im working on

these 2 rows of instructions specifically, “magic loop” which i assume is different than the amigurumi crochet one?? and “back needle” which just got introduced on this line (is it the cable needle?)

also "dpn"s

but i would really appreciate it if someone could explain basically the entirety of these 2 rows of instructions i am at a complete loss :<


Magic loop is a way of using a long circular needle for a small Circumference. You would usually have half of your stitches on each side (needle) of the magic loop

DPNs are double point needles, which is again another way to work on the round. You would be using 4-6 needles where all but 1 needle holds the stitches and the last needle is used to work the stitches around

You may want to message the designer, because the instructions aren’t very clear, but I would guess that you slip knitwise the first stitch, then k2tog until you are done with that round. However, that is a huge guess, because I’m not sure why they mentioned the different needles to just say “sl 1 k/w, k2tog to BOR”


thank you so much, your explanation was rlly helpful. i just sent a message to the designer to figgure out if it’s sl1k/w k2tog so that should be resolved soon :slight_smile: