Help with ideas for new yarn

Hi! I just bought some yarn, only because it was like 5 times cheaper than shop price, but I ended up with yarn I don’t really know what to use for. I got YARN ART RIBBON and BABILON MEDIUM, and I’m wandering what can I create with them because I can’t find many examples how they look in finished product. I only had experience in amigurumi with Himalaya dolphin baby yarn haha

Please if you have anything made in those yarns add a photo, and if you don’t have photos tell me what we’re they good for, thank you ! :heart::smiling_face:


Oooh! Bucket hats? Tote bags? Decor baskets for random things for the home?

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Ribbon or Babilon would be good for bucket hats ? Because I was thinking about that but those yarns are so different I don’t know it would work out :joy: @Hookerjenn

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Ribbon make beautiful bags or storage baskets, especially if you work it into a plywood base! I know Hobbii sells them, but ive worked their ribbon yarn into a cute storage basket. I wish i had a photo!

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(Not mine, with link to free pattern)
I made this in ribbon yarn, with a handle, and it became a lovely crossbody ”purse”

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@Anequa I was picturing the ribbon yarn that looks like shoelaces. Sometimes it’s called tshirt yarn where I shop :woman_shrugging:t2: lol

ooo yea. I’ve never really heard of ribbon yarn, but I’ve heard of t shirt yarn. You could make a bag or a backpack. I’ve seen tons of those, and they’re quite cute :slight_smile: