help with pricing

hey! i’m going to start selling to a local store and i’m having some trouble figuring out a pricing model. i don’t know what to charge for the mid-sized pieces that use up a lot of material and take a lot of time and effort for me to make. any suggestions?


They’re really cute! People tell me that I don’t charge enough when I sell my stuff, so I cant really help in that front :sweat_smile:


I don’t charge off of size, so I’m not sure on that front.
The way I price stuff is time + materials + sales tax.
I try to charge at least minimum wage but I do go lower or higher sometimes


Hi! I’ve seen many different ways of pricing, so it really comes down to what makes you most comfortable!
Lately for example I heard of a method that I think made a lot of sense: the person talking about it charged 0.01€/$ (so basically a cent in their currency) for each stitch, so by calculating the total number of stitches they would have the base price; then they would add the cost of materials and extras (like 1-2€) depending on complexity, and, lastly, taxes. I don’t sell myself but I would love to one day and I think I would use this method!
Another method is to charge by time spent on a given item, so usually it’s minimum wage per hour spent; I find this one a little trickier because tracking time is not always that easy and crocheting speed is not always consistent in time. :slight_smile:
Hope this was helpful!


Just a suggestion, but I would probably land around $25-30! I usually go on Etsy and look at the prices of similar products and thats what I tend to find


Let me just start by saying that octopus is sick as hell! But I’d say for the first two probably $10-$15 and then the last couple $15-$20+. If you notice you aren’t selling tho maybe drop a couple dollars or like say they’re discounted or include small freebies!

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yes i was thinking $25-$35 for these ones, but they’re smaller since the yarn is thinner and sometimes people are iffy spending that much on smaller polishes even though it’s just the gauge that’s different!


15$ for the first two and 25$ for the second two! But I prob have a dif currency than you