Help with Ribblr Preppy Diamond Jumper


I am currently working on the Ribblr Diamond Jumper and I have finished the ribbing for the front panel. You are suppose to continue the panel up by crocheting rows into the side of the ribbing and work upward. I have tried crocheting into the side of the ribbing to continue the rows but it either ends up with too little stitches, the perfect amount but missing one stitch, never the perfect amount. Where do you place the stitches into the sides of the ribbing? Where am I going wrong because this pattern is amazing?

Thanks for the help,


Hi @kylienielsen !

Hopefully I can help you!
It really helps to first identify every row - a tip for that is to use the back loop ribbed bumps and to count each row.
You can see in the picture attached: the numbers indicate the row edges and the arrow marks where you need to make the first stitch into.

Hope that helps! If you still are missing just one stitch, then you can simply add it at the end to have the correct stitch count, it shouldn’t be a problem…

Lir | Team Ribblr


@lir ,
Thank you so much! I just worked the stitches where you indicated and it worked out perfectly! That was just what I needed to continue. I am very happy!

Thanks again,