Help with snout

My pattern states
Row 1Color black Chain 5, sc 4 starting in 2nd chain,
Row 2: sc 4 (black)
Row3: change color to yellow, sc 1, change to
Black sc 2; change to yellow sc (rest of pattern in yellow)

Then it jumps to round 10: ??? Inc, sc2, Inc, down left side of nose sc 8, along black side of nose sc 4, down right side of nose sc 8.

There is no designer to get a hold of to ask questions.


If above makes no sense, anyone have a pattern to do a snout similar to above? I tried looking at dog patterns , searching about a day, without finding a dog with similar snout. :weary:


Isn’t it just saying to go all around the nose again? If I’m wrong apologies

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Without more info, I can only assume that it means you repeat round 3 to make up rounds 4-9