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heey!! i really wanna start selling patterns and buy some really cute ones ive found on here- but ik you have to use Stripe in order to do that sturff- but can i trust Stripe ? ik most of you guys have it but im just making sure before my mother signs me up for Stripe :sob:
(please dont answer unless you know for sure, thanks)


I don’t have Stripe, but maybe in the future I might get it, still debating on that


I can’t get stripe to work for me. So, I am going to sell patterns on etsy.


yes its trustable!! my uncle collabs with stripe


Yes Stripe is trustworthy and used by many other sites, here’s just some to name a few,


I’m not sure, I don’t use it because it asked for a wholeee lot of info :smiling_face_with_tear:Waiting patiently for ribblr to use paypal or smth


I mean my mom put her info in there bc you have to be older and have to have a SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER, to sign up so be aware of that. But it’s pretty trustworthy to me. I’m sure they need your social security number bc to make sure you are old enough, To accept payments

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They are trustworthy. Stripe is made for businesses so it will ask for a lot of info to make sure you are a real person, but it is trustworthy and is actually great to keep track of sales!

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I just bought a used car the other day and they asked for the same level of information about me as Stripe (and as PayPal did). They want to make sure that the person who is applying is the person that they are claiming to be which is completely reasonable.

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What is stripe?

I tried to use it but somehow it’s still not working… I’ve just given up and I’m making stuff free… If I do eventually figure everything out I’ll make stuff paid again. You did have to put on a lot of your info though… My dad used some of his instead of mine