Help with the Journals

Hello, recently I downloaded this app and wanted to start a little journal for a market bag but how can I edit the journal? Everytime I open the pattern to crochet and cross out a line cause’ I finished it the app ask me to start a journal, how can I open my journal directly and not start a new one?
Thanks for your help!


I know when you’re in a pattern and press the journal option, then scroll down you see previous entries for a journal about that specific pattern, I’m not sure if you can edit there though

Also when you’re at the “my patterns” area, like where all the patterns are that you got, then there’s a button that says “My journals” and there you can also check all your journals


That’s right! You can also edit them via your patterns. Simply click on the note :slight_smile:


Hi, I hope I understand you. You can’t open an journal like that. The only way is when you are working on specific pattern you can add your journal progress about this pattern. To edit or add more progress just gobto that pattern then theres a book :open_book: sign or button just press and wkll show you your journal of this pattern and you can add photos, your tips or what you use of yarn hook size and so on.

Hope this will be helpful for you :green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart: