Help with wording?

I’m working on a pattern and having a heck of a time trying to word some of the steps. It’s worked in the round, and the step I’m having issues with alternates between sc in color A and rounded picot stitches in color B.

[A] sc, sc, ([B] rounded picot, [A] sc) repeated.

The color changes should occur before the first chain stitch of the rounded picot, and at the end of the sc that finishes the rounded picot (all in one stitch)

The issue I’m having is in wording when the color change should occur - the drawing below describes it the best I can (each black bracket is one stitch):


How would you word this?


Hmm, it depends on how you want the colors to be changed, I always do my color changes by doing it before the stitch I want to change, i.e I have the two loops for the sc and pull the new color to finish that way the finished stitch is in color A and the next stitch in color B

How are your rounded picots made? I know there’s different way people make them so it might not be the exact same but it should hopefully translate the same way. I’m assuming the picot is made with a sc and the chains. This would be after the two sc in color A. The * being whatever stitch you’re using :smile:

Make a normal sc* but don’t finish, leave two loops on hook, pull Color B through both loops, chain, etc and mention the same thing to switch back to color A by leaving the two loops on the hook and pull with Color A or if it’s a slip stitch before the color change mention to put the hook in stitch and sl st with Color A

It is wordy but it should get the message across, it doesn’t have to be sc it could be whatever stitch you’re using, hopefully this helped, if not I hope you got an idea on how to word it better lol this is just assuming this is how you do color changes you might have to change some things depending on how you want it to be done, good luck! :smile:


I’m doing the color changes like you describe, only the color changes twice in the the same stitch.

So… two loops, change color, rounded picot finished with half of an sc, change color, sc.

I like the way you described it - it makes sense to incorporate the instructions on color changing into the stitch instructions. I think that’s what was tripping me up.


If I ever post a paid pattern you would like, dm me and I’ll gift it to you for free. :heart:


I like to put the longer descriptions into an info line above. Not sure if that would work here though. Just a thought.


No problem, I’m glad to help! :smile:


I like to do so as well, but this is such a weird thing to describe, lol


Maybe you could make a video? Or at least a series of photos?


I’ll admit I was being lazy and hoping to avoid setting up the mini studio, but I think it might be necessary here, lol


I’m not a designer but as a customer, videos are so VERY helpful.