i keep my yarn in a wooden trunk because it’s the only place i can keep it (there’s no other place to put it). but today i opened it up and there were a few moths in there. how can i get rid of them? can they damage my yarn?


“Extreme heat and cold will both kill moths and their larva and eggs, but we prefer using cold, as using heat – like an oven – can be extremely dangerous. Place the yarn you’re keeping in sealable freezer bags before placing them in the freezer for one to two weeks .” Google says this and I’ve seen a couple do this and it worked. Hope your yarn ends up okay!


Oh no! I don’t know what type of yarn you have but yes they might as they eat fabric (including clothes (so yes they probably are damaging your yarn) here are some articles that might help! They have prevention methods, how to get rid of an infestation and more ways that could help, please let us know if there’s anything else you need help on!


thank you so much!


No problem! Hopefully they provide some help, let me know if they worked if you decide to try it!


I never knew this was an issue people faced. I hope you can get rid of them!


Hi there! I used to work with museum collections that were sometimes buggy. Like others have said, stick your yarn in a baggie and then in the freezer. Then, take your yarn out of the freezer, still in the bag and leave it at room temp for a few days. Then stick it back in the freezer again for a few days. This extra thaw and freeze cycle will help kill off any eggs that the moths might have laid. Good luck!