I can only see the newest sweing pattern releases and not crochet patterns. I’m also getting no reccomendations for crochet patterns, but for sewing. Please note that I don’t sew.
How can I undo this??


hmmm I’ve never gotten this situation so I have no idea. maybe you have it on what I call “sewing mode” where you have it set to showing you sewing patterns. I don’t know how to help but if it is on sewing mode then you can change it to crochet, I don’t know how to explain it very well


Do you know how to change it?


it kinda depends where you are looking at, if you click the magnifying glass, it takes you to the search bar where you can find patterns, there is a tab for crochet, knitting, and sewing, ect. and you should just click on the crochet tab and it’ll show you crochet patterns. this probably doesn’t help as much, but that’s what I would do, you’ll probably still be receiving sewing patterns, but for the time being when you search for a pattern it’ll be in crochet


Here is a screenshot explaining that better. I also have a few sewing patterns coming up. They may just be new.

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