hey i need help how do you make a tester pattern and how to you give the pattern to test/keep

its just bc i do not know how to do it


To test:
Click the settings button on your pattern
Click test

To gift the pattern:
Go to shop manager
Click testing
Click on the pattern you are testing
Click gift on the person you want to gift the pattern to and remove from testing


Click/ tap on the little gear next to the pattern you want to put up for testing

Tap/ click on manage testing

Then you can post a tester call

Assign testers is where you go to approve testers!

When they have completed testing and posted a journal, it will show up in this screen as well (the assign testers screen), and you can gift the pattern which marks it as they finished and they get their karma


omg thanks i reall wan to do it sooooo yeaaaa!!! thx