Hi everyone, I just have a couple questions...

Hi everyone, my name is Savannah and I’m kinda new here. I just have a few questions about pattern making on this app.

Does anyone know if you can create a pdf file using ribbuild and put it on other platforms like Ravelry? Or is it exclusive to just Ribblr?

I was also wondering if I could make loom knit patterns and maybe put them in the Knitting category. Is that against the rules? I haven’t seen any loom knit patterns here so I just wanted to ask first.

Everyone here has been so pleasant, so I finally worked up the courage to post this. Thank you to anyone who sees this and rep lies.:purple_heart:


I think when you create and make your pattern using ribbuild, there should be an option to generate a pdf : )
I think you can pretty much do whatever with your pdf :blush:
Hope this helps!
:orange_heart: Nicole


Hi Savannah and welcome!

You can use Ribbuild, Ribblr’s pattern editor, completely for free to design patterns.

As @NoKittenAroundStudio rightly said you can even generate a PDF version of your interactive pattern - there’s a free option and paid one which has more features.
I am sure crafters will enjoy your patterns most in the interactive Ribblr ePattern format, that’s why we created it in the first place :wink:

Here’s how you can generate a PDF of a pattern you created with Ribbuild.
It’s hard to protect PDFs so if you use it do I’d advise to check out the #CraftersAgainstPiracy campaign.

There’s no support loom knitting quite yet, so it’s best not to confuse people with listing patterns in the wrong section. But if you can send one of your patterns to our team @ribblr as an example it could help us push forward in supporting more craft types!


Yes you can! There must be a button to select the PDF option!!


@NoKittenAroundStudio .
@saar .

Thank you all, I really appreciate it.:purple_heart::purple_heart: This helps me a lot.:+1: I asked about the pdfs so I’ll know what my options are for which platforms to use for pattern making. I’ve been using Microsoft Word which requires a subscription to get all the features so it’s limiting. I’ll definitely be sure to take advantage of the ePattern format and maybe I’ll send one of my loom knit patterns in the future.