Hi Guys Just Need Some Help

Hi Im Learning How To Use This Amazing App But I Was Just Wondering How I Do Tester Calls And Make Patterns So If You Could Help Me Out That Would Be Great thanks


At the top of testing zone there is a pinned post that explains it I think


You can make a shop by contacting ribblr Ribblr help center | How do I create an account?
and to make patterns Ribblr help center | How can I add a new pattern?

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hope that helps <333

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I second this! I was wondering the same thing. But i think when you signed up as a “creator” you cant do it. You had to signup as “designer & have a shop”

Someone correct me if im wrong. Cuz i wanna know too!


To post a testing call I provided the link to Ribblr’s help center to the exact question you’re asking I believe let me know if that wasn’t the exact question you meant!

To post patterns you need a designer account, I believe when you signed up you were given options to start a crafter, designer or both if you just picked crafter just follow the links in the help center to make it a designer account as well, feel free to ask any questions, I highly recommend going through the help center to better understand Ribblr and its guidelines :smile:

If you’re asking how to apply to tester calls just click the link in the photo or on its own in a tester call to apply


Can designer accounts do the same things as the creator accounts can too?


Yes it just has the option of My shop on your profile so it should be the same :smile: