Honest opinions please

I have spoken before how my Daughter is getting married and wants sunflowers. Im self taught so any tips gratefully received.
Unfortunately ive been covid positive for nearly 2 weeks so everything became a chore even crafts xx


I really like it! It’s such a cute sunflower and I’m sure your daughter will love it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh sweetie, that’s a wonderful looking sunflower!!!
I’m pretty certain that is done in acrylic. You asked for tips though-create the sunflowers using mercerized cotton for a classier look. Paton’s Grace at Michaels for example. Hobby Lobby- look for anything that says mercerized cotton. It’ll usually be a three weight, so it will be thinner. Thus, the overall flower will be smaller but I think it will look more elegant.

by the way, they didn’t figure out I had long COVID for 2 years, you have my utmost empathy for how you feel. take lots of breaks, politely insist that others take care of themselves, and ask for help. You can crochet and rest.


I think the sunflower looks great :blush::sunflower:


hope you feel better soon! I think the sunflower is perfect, I’m a huge sunflower kinda gal!


It’s cute. :hugs::two_hearts:
Get well soon… :blush:


Maybe try doing a picot in the middle of each petal so the have the classic sunflower point. I hope you feel better soon!


This is a beautiful sunflower!! If you wanted to add anything, maybe a row of petals layered behind to help give it that full sunflower-y look! I absolutely love how you potted it too - so adorable. I hope you recover soon and don’t forget to drink plenty of fluids between your crochet breaks!


Hi! Your sunflower is really beautiful, I know your daughter will love them. If you want my recommendation, I would say add a inner layer of thinner petals, as to make them more like an elongated almond shaped or so. Sunflowers usually have a lot of petals but they are thin.
Yours is unique yet it captures and represents a sunflower already. So if you leave it that way it’d still be gorgeous :sparkling_heart: