Hourly Rates🥲

So I’ve been getting commissioned (I think that’s the correct word) lately for some things and I am absolutely terrible at pricing. The less I have to worry about it the better. So as a crocheter/crafter, what are your hourly rates/wages? Please help a girl out​:smiling_face_with_tear:


I may not be much help but I usually price things on their size due to the fact that im kind of a slow crocheter :sweat_smile: but typically I try to pay myself $10 an hour. minimum wage is also a good place to start :blush:


I try to charge at least $10-12/hour. depends on the size and what price point I want it to be at
Copy pasted from another reply I made lol:
I charge for time + materials + sales tax.
Let’s take my no sew bees for example:
I charge 12 dollars an hour for them.
They take 30 minutes.
They use about 5 dollars worth of yarn.
Sales tax in my state is 4.225%.
So 6 dollars for time, 5 dollars for materials, and about 46 cents for tax.
Comes out to $11.46 and then I just round up to $12 to make it easier :]


I also charge by size. I crochet quite slowly and often while I’m watching something I’ll keep putting my crochet down and coming back to it in five minutes so I can’t really time myself.
(I’m doing this in AUD so if you use a different money system you might have to convert this)
I charge 5$ for something like a keychain
10$ for something bigger than that( and also for crochet flowers)
20$ for anything bigger that say a coconut :coconut:
And 15$ for anything that I feel is in between.
I haven’t bad anything bigger than what I would price as 20$ but if I did it would probably be 30$

Good luck :crossed_fingers:


I have the same problem! When I crochet I usually have something on the tv and I can’t really just time myself. The specific project Im working on is a dinosaur jacket for a two year old and I’ve never made one so I’ll probably end up using a bit of everyone’s advice to figure it out​:smiling_face_with_tear:


Keep in mind to charge for the pattern if you bought one as well :slight_smile: and if you charge per hour but take lots of breaks, make a pattern that takes at least 30 min or an hour and do it straight through, timing yourself. If you count the number of stitches you have made in the pattern, you will know how many stitches you do per hour :slight_smile: (if you time half an hour, double the stitches you reached)

I don’t recommend less, because it’s good to take tired hands into account,too :blush:

Good luck!