How do i change app from spanish to english?

Hi all Newbie needs help again !
I installed the Ribblr app on my android tablet. The language is set to Spanish.
I don’t see where I can change default to English like I can on my PC. Not everything is in Spanish but most is.
Help please.


Hi, to change the language scroll all the way down, I believe on the Ribblr home page would work and on the bottom left click the language and you’ll be able to change it :smile: I provided a screenshot, hope this helps if not let know and I can try to find another way to help :smile:

Thanks for sharing! That is the correct answer :blush:

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I don’t see that on my tablet

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Ah ha! Turned the tablet sideways. Then I scrolled down and was able to find the area you mentioned.
Got it fixed now. THANK YOU!
Linda :grinning: