How do i create a journal for a tester?

Hi there! I’m relatively new to testing, i have done some irl but never on ribblr. I understand how to create a journal but when a tester asks me to write a public journal, what does that mean? Any help on what to write or how many times throughout i should write would be a lot of help!



It becomes public when the pattern is published and will show up in their makes on their page.


Thank you! Any help on what i write within? Should i add pictures of my progress or should i write about any problems with it? Many thanks :slight_smile:


I normally just ask my testers to show their finished plushie and if the pattern was easy to follow <3


Thank you so much! This really relieves the anxiety i had of if i wasn’t doing what they wanted from me. :smiley:


Pictures of progress are good and so is any little info on how it’s going and/or if it was easy or difficult and and needed help from designer.


Don’t list any problems with the pattern in the journal! Send that to the designer so they can make the changes to the pattern.
Here’s two examples of journals I’ve made.

Usually the designer will ask for a high quality photo of the finished product.
Some will also ask if you could do progress photos, but most don’t so don’t worry about that.
Good luck on your testing journey! :]


Hi :slight_smile: I don’t think there is any specific rules. Some people add step by step pictures of their progress with comments on it, while some other people just add one final picture with a review. It’s kind of how you like, unless they asked something specific.

If there is problems, I think it is better to write them on the test chat or by private message with the creator, because if this is a test, those problems are going to be solved before the pattern is published (that’s what a test is for), and the journal will be visible as a public review of the pattern.

I usually ask testers to publish at least one final picture of the result, but they are free to use it as they like. When I make a test myself, I like to add pictures of my progress if it is a long pattern, and informations about what type of yarn and hook size I used. While I test, I also add any information or advice that could help someone who is following the same pattern, and notes for myself in case I’ll follow the pattern again in the future (you can put those in private). I write a little general review of the pattern on the last picture I post (which will be the first to appear).


Thank you all for your contributions to helping me! I love the community that is built on ribblr


Ok, so what i do is when i choose testers i ask them to give feedback in the private chat, then just write whatever they would like in the journal, [not feedback tho, i fix their problems they find and i dont rlly want everyone to see the problems]

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