How do you determine if your pattern should be free?

Hi everyone! I’m new in the crochet and pattern word :hugs: and I was wondering, how do you determine if your design should be free or not? And if you put a price, how do you know how it should cost?


I think it’s mostly about how you feel about it rather than some guidelines to follow

For me personally I put some simple patterns as free because I feel like most people would be able to make it anyway, and then I’m just glad I can share a pattern with people.

And like my prices go up depending on how difficult it was to make the pattern (design/time/tests), but I prefer still keeping them kinda low ish

But you could also determine price based on how unique the pattern is (like are there a lot available or is it a very unique idea), or on how much work you spend on it. Like even if it sometimes is simple, you can still choose not to put free because you spend a lot of time or just a lot of effort into it.

Another option for prices could be checking out if people made similar patterns and see how they priced it, that way you can kinda take some inspiration/idea from that for the price


You could also look around and see what kind of patterns have which prices and then kinda get an idea of what the average is

Like what price ranges certain patterns have

(I hope this kinda makes sense)


Click the left botton it worked for me


I see, thank you very much for your answer, it’s very interesting :blush:!


What do you mean? I didn’t understand :sweat_smile: