How do you edit a post?

So it says in the help center that to close a post, just edit the title to say “Closed”. But how do I edit it? In another post similar to this one, someone had replied that you had to be a certain level in the community. Can someone do it for me then? The tester call was supposed to be closed today, but it will be later becasue of this. The post is called “Tester call: Mama octopus and her baby!”. I would like it to be “(CLOSED) Tester call: Mama Octopus and her baby!”


Yas your community status is Basic User so you can’t edit posts yet, to close a post tag a leader like @ leaders (no space between @ and leaders) in the post asking to close it


I did edit the title to say closed for you. Next up, I’m certain a leader can close it also. :wink:

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