How do you get ideas/know how to create patterns?

I really want to create some fantasy/medieval inspired patterns. I don’t know how to create crochet patterns at all, but with knitting patterns I made up a beautiful lace pattern stopped at a red light in the back of my moms CR-V, sick with asthmatic pneumonia. :joy:

ANYWAY! I guess I’m trying to understand the basics of shaping and this would be for amigurumi. I’m not interested in making garment parterns (yet). Could anyone help me or point out a tutorial or YouTube link or something? It would be so helpful! The YouTube links I’ve found so far have been more like vlogs and not like tutorials. I just don’t know where to start :skull: I’m sure this has been asked before but I guess I have to ask it again :joy:

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I would start by making patterns by others and then you’ll get the idea of how certain stitching creates shapes. Once you get a good handle on that it’ll be easier for you to create your own patterns


ComplicatedKnots has some videos for that!


I look at Pinterest and get ideas of shapes of things and color combos and things that I like!


Thank you!!!


That’s a great idea :eyes::face_holding_back_tears:


I make things that I have always fallen in love with that I don’t see other people creating like clothing obscure NPCs wear in old school JRPGs or practical use items with a “nerd twist” (think stuff like pin cushions, scrubbers, decor, etc) Most of the stuff I make like that is for personal use that I keep around the house.

I start by sketching it out from all angles and then break it down into the most basic of shapes. I recommend looking up videos on how to shape crochet pieces, rather than “how me make pattern???” videos…mostly for the reason you listed lol…

I also have a journal of what happens when I use a certain stitches and categorize the shapes I can make with it. I have a few for shapes like that I personally experimented with such as wings, ears, a gourd, etc.

Honestly, I think things like shaping amigurumis comes with years of practice and experience the same way that drawing does. We can have all the best tools and spend $200 on a course but the only way to “get good” is to practice.

Also, just FREEHAND IT!! That’s a good way to practice mistakes and accidental masterpieces.


Here’s some basic shapes you can use to give you and idea. I’ve been designing my own patterns for almost 18 months. I have a spiral notebook full. My inspiration comes from things I love. Plus I also write up a list.
I was very reluctant to start designing so my advice is to make sure your pattern directions are easy to understand and practice is key too. I’ve even modified stitches myself to create dimension to my Amigurumi.


This website might be able to help you, she goes into a lot detail about the process :slight_smile:


as long as you know, like how to make a basic ball and stuff, it’s quite easy from there! you should explore different patterns with unique shapes, so you can learn how to from them instead of just balls.


Thank you so much omg :pleading_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:


I’m so glad it helps :blush: