How do you guys find craft shows?

So, lately, my hobby has become a little more than a hobby. I have a TON of projects and I can’t keep them all as much as I love theme. I also would like to recoup some of the yarn money to buy more yarn and make a little pocket change on the side.

The bad news is, that I have no idea where to begin when looking for craft shows or vendor spaces. How did any of you guys find them? Or do you prefer to sell exclusively online?

Sorry for all the wild questions from me lately, I’ve just been contemplating upping how much time and effort I put into the hobby because I love it so much. <3


When I was looking, there were some groups on facebook. For SD craft shows, or Iowa craft shows. Maybe a simple search for craft shows near me, then try to contact them about being a vendor. The one I go to now is actually a farmers market. They have been including crafts more lately, at least in our area. Good luck.


My mom has a boutique and she does vendor fairs so thats i find them but alot of the time people putting them on message her and invite her. Maybe just go to a couple local craft fairs and get in touch with the people that put them on.


I’ve had luck searching on Facebook. I search the event section for markets or fairs and just go from there. Once I find something that looks interesting i see how much it costs and how big of a space.
Ive got my first out of town market on the 24th and i found it on Facebook.


Sometimes word of mouth or moms groups on Facebook


Seems the general consensus is to make a facebook lol I’ll look into that! I tried googling, but from what I could see they were HUGE events at convention centers. Although maybe one day, for now I’d like to stick to like 100-200 vendor events or local things.

I just haven’t used FB in YEARS.


Luckily for me, I live in a pretty populated area so a lot of the high schools in my area I wind up having craft fairs to support their booster clubs or help sponsor field trips for the choir and stuff.

I’m actually doing my first craft show at the end of October at my church and it is being run by the school that’s operating out of the same campus. I was taking to one of the leader at my college-age youth group and she was able to give me the information! I still have yet to receive the confirmation email but I’m making the inventory nonetheless!


Depends what you make, if you do a lot of pop culture stuff look for comic, anime, game conventions. Artist alley tables tend to be very affordable.
Generic stuff, scarves, hats, animals, look for farmers markets, craft shows, street fairs. Tables can be pricey since competition can be high.
If you want local most cities unless very small will have a section on their website dedicated to events. The visitors center, or chamber of commerce also. Any event worth it’s salt will register with these for the free supplies, advertising and benefits they’ll give.

If you live in a colder area county/country fairs are now popping up. If you live in a hotter area they’ve probably already passed but the seasonal markets are about to pop up. Look for fall/winter/Christmas markets since you usually have to sign up early to those since spaces sell out.

Ask employees at your favorite shops. Comic/card/game shops for pop culture. Yarn/quilting/craft shops for everything else. Local shops are best since people working Walmart/Michaels are usually just there for a job and have no idea.

I do the weird routes since I’m really anti Facebook :sweat_smile:

Remember to price your time! Too often I see artists pricing items at their table $5 and you ask them how long it takes and you get the answer “oh not long and hour or two.” You’re worth more then just material cost! Sometimes people are really shocked when I do the math on their items and they find they’re selling themselves for 20 cents/hour. It’s easier to get pricing right from the starts then to try to up it later and have your customers mad about price changes. Price things right and then do a sale/special if you want to sell something cheaply. That way people see your worth and that they’re getting a deal.


This^^^^^ great advice!


Im always worried about pricing- since I cant really charge hourly. What I have been debating is pricing as the covering of the full cost of yarn x a multiplier for difficulty. Its hard for me to find a formula that seems to fit though.


The formula is difficult because it’s not measureable, at that point the formula is giving a random price with an immesureable qualifier.

Because what determines difficulty? Do you have a 3 point scale, or a 5? What happens when something goes above that?
Materials+time is easily measureable, streamline and includes difficulty since harder tends to mean more time which is why it’s the go to.

Personally I don’t time myself, I just guesstimate. You can always tack on the “I never want to make this again” fee or the “I really wanted to keep this” fee if you feel something is priced too little. If you feel it’s too high stick a sale on it displaying both prices. :heart:

Remember tools also get factored in!

Edit:eh I guess thinking about it, I’ve never had a hook break so maybe that’s less an issue then it has been in other crafts.