How do you make a private pm gc?

Im trying to test one of my patterns and idk how to make a tester pm gc


So I usually just click the ‘message testers’ which appears when you select testers. Then you can write your message and send it all at once. You can also go into the chat and start a new group chat and add everyone to that (I haven’t done it that way before)

Hope this helps!:yellow_heart:


Ya if you click on your pattern there’s a little settings icon that u can click and you click message testers but it only works if you’ve already chosen all of your testers cuz it’ll only add your current testers and it won’t add them after you add more testers I don’t think


If you add more testers, you just have to manually add them to the message


first you want to go to shop manager.

then you’re going to go to the testing tab when you get to your shop manager.

once you get to your testing tab you can see the pattern or patterns you have in testing and you can press the little plus button and it should bring down or open up and see how many testers you have testing that pattern. Then you can either approve them or not pick them once you’re there as well.

finally once you get there you’ll see a little message button that says message testers and then you should be able to send an email to all of them that you have approved.
Hopefully this helped you.

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