how do you price a pattern??

hello everyone :3
im getting ready to release my first pattern soon, and im wondering how to figure out the price for patterns!!

i know how to price finished projects but… patterns are confusing :'3 i was thinking around 1 dollar…???

it’s a mini amigurumi keychain/stuffed animal! it makes this lil guy:

thank you for the help!!!


id definitely say that 1$ or more is good for this little man


First calculcate your cost to sell - ribblr fees, swipe fees etc. Then add to that the amount you would like to be paid per sale. And then send it out into the world and watch your stats - if you have tons of views and favourites, but now sales, try lowering your price. If you have lots of sales, you can experiment with increasing it for profitability (esp if it goes viral). No interaction means you need to look at your photographs, search engine optimization or product.


There’s actually ton of topics that ask that with some great answers, if you use the search in the community and type some keywords maybe something like price a pattern you’ll see tons of topics and great comments, too much to link lol :grin: