how does karma work?

Hi! Could someone tell me how to see how much karma I have? And could you also explain how karma is awarded? I’ve seen a few people mention being frustrated when they aren’t removed from a test or the pattern isn’t gifted and I didn’t really know what they meant


You can see karma in your makes section, it is awarded when you have completed a test pattern and the designer gifts you that pattern! You get 1 per test i believe!


You can check your karma in your makes, designers when assigning testers can see them. Karma is rewarded one per test when a tester completess the pattern/active in the testing phase. The designer gives testers Karma by clicking the gift and remove option. This is a relatively new feature that was added to Ribblr to show that a potential tester won’t “ghost” you once you accept them and show them that they are trustworthy as unfortunately it does happen where testers completely ignore and won’t even do the pattern once they’re accepted for testing :pensive: feel free to visit the help center and using the keyword Karma in the search for the help center to learn more :smile:


thank you so much!

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thanks for your help! :slight_smile: