How much should I ask for a pattern?

I’ve recently been working on a cute zombie amigurumi (as part of a series of similar spooky yet cute creatures). I have been trying to figure out how to make a pattern for it. I’m currently also working on a second version that is slightly more polished (he’ll get an actual shirt! Plus I’ll try cleaning up the shape. The first zombie has a couple bumps from missing stitches or accidentally putting too many stitches that you can’t see in the picture because of the angle).

If/when I complete the pattern making+testing process, how should I price the pattern? I want to be able to earn some money for my efforts, but I also don’t want to seem like I’m trying to rip people off with a pattern that is probably relatively simple.


How exciting!
When it comes to pricing strategies, I’ve seen a lot of different ones. The bigger/more complex the designs are, the more the designers tend to charge for them. If your pattern is “relatively simple” as you describe it, the normal price range I’ve seen is between $1-3. How I would go about it is to begin at either the higher price, or the lower price–if you start with the lower one, you can get more sales and more project pictures, meaning you get more social proof. If the pattern becomes very popular, you could raise the price of it to $2-3, but it might not always be well-received. Starting with a higher price will likely give less sales, but the value of the pattern itself might get perceived as higher than when you start with a cheaper price.
Just some things to think about :slight_smile:
Hope that helps!