How to deal with pattern copycat?

Hello everyone. I was browsing crochet pattern as I usually do here on ribblr and I found a pattern that looks exactly similar to mine. The pattern looks like it has the same design as my Chick’n Egg pattern with their own alteration. I won’t mention any name or give any links as I don’t want to give any bad vibe towards the person. It really breaks my heart to know that my pattern that I worked hard to make has been copied and as you all know all of my patterns here are free but theirs is paid. I feel like I’ve been ripped off.

I’m considering of no longer making free pattern and have my existing free pattern to be paid from now on to prevent others stealing it. And no they didn’t mention inspired or anything. I know inspiration can come from anywhere but to have the same shape and almost the same pattern? It convinced me enough and we all know how many designers like to copy other designer’s pattern without credits or permission. Please help me and give me any advice for this.


I’m so sorry.


Sorry you feel upset!

If you believe someone copied your pattern you should definitely report it using the link at the bottom of the listing page.
We have a really effective team who are doing thorough investigations!


Sorry for what happened… :persevere:


I’m so sorry for this! If there’s an issue like @saar said you should report it. :slightly_smiling_face:


Be careful when accusing people, especially with crochet so many “cute/kawaii” designs are a ball with decorations; like how many people have made the almost identical bee? What if they all started reporting each other? If your pattern is complex absolutely report it, but if its very simple try to be objective before making a decision. (My phone’s not loading photos right now so I can’t tell)


that’s why i didn’t mention any names as to avoid it. believe me i did try to be objective the day i posted this topic was the 2nd day of me thinking about it. i get that how people would make multiple bee pattern and my pattern is also simple but to have the same shape and design even it looks like the pattern is very similar (the chick and egg crack part). so just because a pattern is so simple you have to tolerate it? isn’t it basically romanticizing copying pattern/design? everyone has this “DO NOT COPY” words on their TOS and yet still turn a blind eye when something is copied just because “it’s very simple”. and it’s not a ball with decorations have you check my actual pattern? my pattern was made because of a commission i did and i spontaneously made it without looking for any inspiration. before making that pattern and even after a while i haven’t seen any crocheter making similar design until now even with hundreds of people who claimed the pattern. i don’t mind if the person got inspired as long as they follow my TOS. not to mention i made no money from making my patterns knowing that i’m broke (which i’m considering to monetize my existing patterns from now). also just want to let you know i haven’t took any actions that’s why i’m asking for advice here.


I would report if you feel it is that close. I think the thing to keep in mind is that a lot of cute amigurumi (the bee just being the main one) is that people do indeed come up with similar ideas independent of each other. I mostly see this with chunky yarn designs though as there is less crazy different things you can do. However, theres nothing wrong with filing a report if you suspect its pretty blatant copying- its what the system is there for. Ribblr does a great job of addressing these situations as well. I would do what others suggested and contact Ribblr and report the pattern, you can decide the next steps from their depending on what they find, etc.

You can also do a mix of monetizing some patterns and not others. Its sadly such a harsh world where people take advantage of other peoples work. SHEIN does it all the time and its a major corporation. I think, if you want to decrease the chance of that happening, you should monetize most of your work.

World sucks sometimes, I just dont want it to discourage you from working on patterns at all. Most of the fiber art world is great, theres just always some bad apples sprinkled in.


Hi! I would like to give my piece on this topic. I am in no way trying to make you feel like your feelings are not valid. They most certainly are! Just by doing a quick search I was able to find this crochet pattern that is very similar to your pattern. (NOT SAYING THEY COPIED YOU! I’m sure this was their original idea. Just like yours)
I don’t know when you posted your pattern or when this one was posted. Yes there are several differences, but it is the same idea. I think it is very harmful to assume that someone ripped you off without even messaging that person. It is possible that they didn’t even know your pattern existed! There are only so many techniques to get the look you are going for. Yes copying does happen and it is an issue. If you genuinely feel that this person had any intention of ripping you off, you should report the pattern. Again I was just trying to help you see this from another person’s perspective. I hope I helped.


I also did a quick Google search and found very similar patterns going back over a decade and I have a similar pattern in my collection that I worked up backed in the 80’s and it was from a magazine that was printed in the 60’s.
The more simple a shape is, the more likely it is that someone else will also spontaneously think of it, neither of you had to have seen each other’s to be inspired.
Once the pattern is read in detail, you might also find that both of you used entirely different paths to get there, which makes it different, even if they were inspired from the same place.
I don’t know about other countries, but in the US, baby chick’s in eggs are as ubiquitous as pumpkins and snowmen… And there are only so many ways to make a different pumpkin or snowman, but everyone will want to make or publish one for the holidays.


Exactly! It is not hard to find a similar pattern for anything.


My thoughts is first contact administration people here in Ribblr and ask for the right way to go about thiscas you have EVERY RIGHT TO CONTACT THUS PEOPLE in a way they won’t be upset or they had made a bad mistake in not crediting you as the designer as this will get to you and as of all your hard work put into you pattern. You need to get this sorted as this person could it again. Now if you need support im here to. Only via internet. You go do this .you are not going to
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let this person take your design.


That’s not at all what I was saying. I did mention that no, I cannot see images right now which I’m sure is an issue with my phone carrier. :weary:

In your shop I only saw a jellyfish.

I feel like I’ve upset you and it was not my goal. I worked in art fields for 14 years before having my kid. My suggestion was only based on my experience that this kind of thing tears a person up and so it’s best to look at the situation calmly and best you can and make a decision and act but that the first reaction isn’t always best. You mention it’s already been at least two days this has been bugging you. If that’s the case your decision has already been made. Report it right away so you can get it off your mind it’ll eat at you if you don’t and staff can help and look at things in ways no one else here can.

I suppose without paying the person anyway.


yeah i turned off most of my patterns other that jellyfish until i can sort things out. i want to report it but at the same time i can’t stop feeling guilty and anxious because i avoid getting myself in conflict and don’t take actions against bad people. i’ll decide once i’m sure to have cold mind and calmer. also if you have issue with not loading pics you might want to delete cache or use website.


For future reference, if you had just reported the pattern and contacted the ribblr team, nobody else would have ever known about it, that is why they have so many tools to handle these situations. Now, everybody knows about it, and nothing was resolved.


i was just asking for advice. was it wrong to do so? clearly this is my first time experiencing this and in the future if i experience something similar i will know what to do.


Does anyone know if you report a person do they get notified? I say report! I understand your hesitation as I would have the same one, but maybe if they only get notifed after the investigation and only if similarities were found you would feel better. I’m not sure how that process works tho, it might take down the pattern while the investigation goes on. Either way, I say report or if you end up not wanting to go down that road, message the seller and ask them if they knew your pattern prior and explain there are a few similarities you don’t feel are coincidental.


Your feelings are valid and is great you are sharing how you feel!

While it’s important to be careful with accusations, it’s also important to discuss how you feel from your POV as a designer.


Asking for advice when you are unsure about something is always a good idea.
Showing us the design in question was the same as publicly accusing the other person.
So there is a chance that the other person could be completely innocent but has read this and is now just as upset as you were but is now just as hesitant to say anything because they were publicly accused and don’t want a confrontation.
“I am concerned that there is an item similar to mine on here and think they might have taken advantage of my free pattern and copied it for money” (without the photo or description) would have given you the exact same advice and the exact same venting of your feelings of the situation without having pointed the finger at a single person that would have been “reported”, then after making your decision you could have gone to the team with a clearer mind


Ok, I’ve read everything. There are valid points made by everyone. Sometimes trying to communicate those points so that you’re heard the way you intended-that is fraught with pitfalls-especially when you’re learning.
When one is uncertain they can do one of two things: figure it out on their own or ask for help.
That’s their part. Our part is to instruct with compassion. As you would a little one- with compassion and tenderness-because we know that they don’t know.
It would have been better if such concern about pattern was done privately. However, I get the impression that juvluet didn’t know how to go about it even though she was angry and accusatory.

Love you all!