how to keep THIS from happening while sewing??

this is quite possibly the most annoying thing to happen while sewing and i’m wondering if there’s anything i can do to stop it?? it happens with sweet snuggles and premier parfait chunky


one of the most annoying things about velvet yarn! idk what to do either as fuzz is EVERYWHERE


I have a lint roller I use for the fuzz, I also use it for my dogs fur because she sheds 24/7 :sob:


and after this happens it is SO HARD TO FINISH SEWING!!! it seems to clump up and make it really hard to pass the yarn through the stitches


I feel like this happens the worst with parfait chunky lol.
I’m not sure if there’s any way around it but I just try to sew as gently as I can


I use embroidery thread that matches the best


If you look at this video (from 8:30) it might help! This guy mainly designs things in plush yarn and these tips are quite helpful overall :slight_smile:

This is also one of his videos that might be helpful:


If you burn the end slightly with a lighter it will melt the end but do it quickly and not too close so it doesnt catch on fire and that will stop it from coming off the end

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thank you so much! that’s so helpful!


how do you sew after it kindve clumps up?

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I try to keep going if I can, but if I can’t ill usually cut off the the part that is super bad and attach fresh yarn

I crochet with that type of yarn a lot and here is what I found helped

If you use a bigger needle and wrap the yarn around it twice it should help it not fall apart. I’ve put in an image so you can see how I wrap it but you can wrap it any way

Tie a knot at the end so that the fluff can’t fall off.

I hope this helped, good luck! :crossed_fingers: