How to pray(or how I pray)

so I decided I want to share the way I pray I hope you enjoy :smile: :pray: :latin_cross:

**Praise - the first thing I do when I pray is thank and praise God for everything he has provided me I thank him for the hard times that help me grow to be a stronger believer I thank him for food and water and a house to live in I thank him that even when I have been a sinner that he still forgives me and loves me and I thank him for dying on the cross and going through all that pain for sinners like us

Repent -God loves when we come to him with all our sins don’t feel like it is a burden to him because he loves us like his own children and he will forgive you of your sins ,so I go to God with all my sins and tell him God I know i’m a sinner and I tell him every bad thing I have done and ask him to forgive me

Ask- The next thing I do is ask, I ask the father to give me wisdom and to cleanse my heart and to guide me away from worldly things and closer to him so that I may have eternal life with him and have eternal joy and peace

Yield- The last thing I do is yield I just spend some time with him and stop focusing on things of the world that wont matter and see if God tells me anything

**and that’s how I pray :smile:


Thank you for sharing Norah!!! If you give me a little bit I’d love to share some methods I use!


I would love to see your prayer methods!!


Here are some methods I use sometimes!

Prayet T.A.C.O.S

Thanksgiving- What are you thankful for?
Adoration- Praise Him!
Confession- Repent and ask for forgivness of sin.
Others- Lift up friends, family, strangers!
Self- Lift up your own needs, wants and desires!

Prayer S’s


Prayer, Head, shoulders, knees and toes.

Start at the head and pray for a person down their body. Like the song we grew up with! Pray for their mind, eyes, ears, mouth, nose (which for me means I pray for dicernment), just work your way down with whatever God puts on your heart!


love these


I love these prayer guides! Theyre very helpful and its a great reminder!


Those are helpful!
Prayer is simply communication with God. I found it less stressful to just talk to Him, scream at Him at times, cry in His lap, worship Him, in everything I do and think. Sometimes, I forget to include Him in a decision but I’m catching those mistakes earlier.
I love talking to God, and I REALLY love it when He communicates back.
I remember one time the thought ( not my thought- but a thought that I’ve recognized as His over time), that I needed to pray that people don’t take advantage of me. I needed to pray His protection over me and look to Him for discernment.


I pray a lot in the spirit (tongues) since starting daily a month ago 10/6, I have heard more and more from God. Most of my revelations have come at 3am.


Thank you everyone for sharing! I love seeing this kind of insight
@DarlingDia your last one made me think of the 5 finger prayer

Pic credit

Picture that I grabbed is from here, I don’t know where the church that gave it to my son years ago got it


That’s an awesome one! I haven’t seen this one before. Thank you for sharing!


Doing a search for that one came up with another that was similar to your TACOS using five fingers, I found that pretty interesting. But the one I shared is the one my son was shown in Sunday school


I was actually thinking that the fingers would be super helpful for teaching kiddos!