How to prevent wrist strain?

I’ve been crocheting nearly every day for the past couple of weeks working a number of different projects. Yesterday I noticed my wrist started making a ‘clicking’ sound while I was working on a bag so I decided to let my wrist rest for a couple of days. Today my wrist is still popping and is kind of sore.

Any tips on preventing wrist strain or helping with pain management?


Take a break to stretch your hands at least once an hour.
I wear compression gloves to help with my hands. Maybe try a wrist brace?


I know there are videos on hand exercises for crochet and knitter’s, I would definitely search and find one that works for you, definitely take a break and don’t force it, it’ll make it worse, I would also look into ergonomic crochet hooks or how to make your crochet hooks ergonomic. Also look into correct posture as well as that plays apart in your wrists as well. Your hand position while holding your crochet hook could also be adding more strain so you could also look into that as well


I hurt my wrists a lot. So if it hurts take a break and don’t crochet till they feel better. I’ve been stubborn before and tried to push through but its not worth it lol. If it’s really bad, I have to take breaks from drawing and video games too. Make sure to do stretches too.

Also, I recommend using ergonomic hooks, or just putting your hooks in like a holder. I didnt wanna pay like 10 bucks for one, so I just got foam hair curlers, removed the wires and shoved the hook in. For thicker hooks I added a slit to the foam lengthwise then added hot glue to make it bigger. But if you see foam grips designed for eating utensils and pencils, they’ll work for hooks too.
Here’s a photo of my makeshift holder

Also when I feel like my wrists are gettin weaker, I try to move less. So i saw tutorials on how to point the hook down and not twist it at all. If that’s uncomfy you can try rolling the hook on your fingers instead of twisting your wrist. I only do these when I feel my wrists getting tired, cus I don’t feel like doing it all the time.

heres the video i saw

You can also try compression gloves, but make sure to buy it somewhere where you can return them, cus they don’t work for everyone. Infact, for me, the pain got significantly worse when wearing them, even when I was just testing them and didn’t try crocheting yet.


Brilliant idea using the foam rollers!!!
Grand Theft Auto Yes GIF by Rockstar Games


THATS NOT NORMAL?! i thought it wassssss :sob:


Always stretch your hands


Oh using foam rollers is so smart!!! I’m going to have to try that!!! I have crochet hooks that have handles on t hem but maybe they’re still not thick enough???

I’m definitely letting my wrist rest for a few days. Maybe I’ll finally catch up on some reading :rofl:


It totally might be! I don’t usually crochet this much all at once but I’ve been super motivated and inspired lately!


Ive been starting to get wrist and hand strain. Take breaks, and stretch, compression/arthritis gloves help too!


Thank you!!! I’m realizing I’m definitely going to have to take more breaks especially between projects!


My wrists have been popping since 2019, but i started crocheting last feburary, and they still pop. Lol


Popping wrists aren’t necessarily a sign of trouble - my right wrist has popped when rotated for as long as I can remember. It’s the change that signifies a problem in the works, and pain is always a warning sign.


When your wrists start to pop that’s a sign to stop crocheting sometimes whenever I am writing a lot my wrists start to hurt so I stop and stretch a bit stretching always helps