How to start a crochet business

How do you start a crochet business from scratch


No idea lol

I just do free patterns and make a lot then sell the products and give credits to the pattern maker.

After you do a lot and sell a lot, you can start to make your own patterns then go on from there


Then try and make a name for yourself and post your makes around ribblr and stuff


I love crochet and knitting so much I’d never start a business based on them. That would turn something I love into a job. Then I wouldn’t love it anymore

A real business is a lot of work. Especially if you end up hiring employees, or renting space. Plus tax issues, you’d need a CPA to keep you on the straight and narrow.


Hi @lillimaynor082702gmailcom , from what I’ve learned the past few years starting on Etsy is the best thing for a newbie. I started on Etsy and I’m still on there.

I’d say, just observe what people like buying on different platforms. Instagram is one of the best places for that but of course it’s also good to see what’s hot on Etsy every now and then. I personally don’t check Etsy trends that much but their holiday trend info is pretty spot on.

Definitely watch some videos on YouTube about different marketplaces and do your research. Take your time most importantly. You want to have a solid plan before starting.

Let me know if this helps and when you start your shop! I’d love to support you :purple_heart:


Just so you’ll know a couple of people that really help me are Karen V Miguel and @CrochetByGenna
They are successful small business owners and give excellent advice. :100:


What I’ve heard from others is you learn along the way AND to avoid costly mistakes once you get going is to get yourself a business mentor/coach. I know Bags by Bento helps people start a crochet business but, as it should be, she would be a mentor that gets paid for her time and expertise.