How to Write a Stitch Ribblr Doesn't Recognize?

Hi everyone—since Ribblr ePatterns automatically list abbreviations for stitches, I was wondering what to do when we use a type of stitch it doesn’t recognize. My problem also lies in the fact that I have never seen this stitch used except for in a Club Crochet video, so I’m not sure whether it has any other name. The stitch in question is called the “spiked bobble” by Club Crochet, which abbreviates it as “sbo.” Consequently that is the abbreviation I have used in my pattern, but if Ribblr doesn’t recognize it, I wonder whether it would be better simply to write out the full phrase rather than abbreviate it (the stitch is only used twice in the pattern).

Here is an example of the spiked bobble stitch in use, as horns on this Carnotaurus. (Something to look forward to… I am writing this pattern now and plan to open it to testing in a couple days.)



I would use the extra notes spaces just before the start of the pattern to include the additional abbreviation. Just write something like - Special Stitch: Spiked Bobble-spo (use this space to explain how to make the stitch).


That is exactly right :raised_hands:


Thanks for the help! I’ll do that.