How to write a tester call

Hello! So I am newer to these whole tester call things and I honestly have no idea how to write them. I know that there is certain requirements you should put like the due date and if there is any yarn requirements but besides that I am not quite sure to add. I am also not sure what the entire purpose of journals are and if it is better to have testers make them for the pattern. Any advice would be great!


when you make a pattern there should be a little clipboard image in front of your pattern. all you have to do is click it and then there should be an option to make a tester call.


Journals allow people who might purchase your pattern know if the pattern is well written, how easy it is to follow etc. I would add amount of testers you will select, The price of the pattern,


Hi! Journals are a review for patterns so having them is great since it shows the pattern is reliable, during testing if the pattern is unpublished the journals can only be viewed by the designer, also make sure nothing explicit about the pattern is shown, as once public it will be viewable for anyone without having bought the pattern so it’s a good idea to view journals before you publish a pattern to make sure it’s not shown

One of the steps Ribblr recommends is to make a group chat with all the testers, that’s where all the feedback/mistakes/etc from testers will be sent, make sure it’s not in the journal as previously stated it will be for public viewing and will give the impression that the final pattern has mistakes when it’s during the testing phase not the final pattern that has the mistakes

When choosing applicants there will numbers besides them that’s karma, karma is giving when testers complete a test pattern

1 Karma = 1 completed test

This is only given when the designer picks the gift and remove option, you should only click gift and remove when the testers complete all the requirements you set for the testing call

Newcomers and those that don’t test will most likely have lower karma

Make sure to visit the help center and use the keyword test to look at more useful info and the testing guidelines to make sure your following everything correctly, don’t hesitate to ask anymore questions if you need more clarification :smile:


how did you write that so fast!


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Everything @ArtsAndNaps said! Here’s I the standard wording I use for tester calls. Feel free to adapt for use as your own template if helpful. :smiling_face:

Tester Call Post

Please only apply if you have time to finish by the due date. If you haven’t tested for me before, to increase your odds of being chosen for testing apply then comment or PM with a pic of the yarn you will use.

About 1 1/4" tall. No-sew/low-sew as usual. Designed in worsted weight cotton with 3.5 mm hook, but use any yarn and colors you like, I love seeing testers’ creative choices! Takes about an hour to stitch up.

Journal with at least one pic of finished project is due by 11:59 pm on January 8, 2024. Testers will be gifted the pattern upon completion.

I will create a group message for testers when the last tester has been chosen. Please use that or PM with any questions or issues since journals will be public after publishing.

I appreciate your time and honest feedback, thanks for considering testing for me!

I greatly appreciate any shares, especially with links to my Ribblr shop. Unique patterns | suettle | Ribblr and tags on Instagram @suettle.

I’m steadily adding my extensive catalog of original designs to Ribblr and I’m creating new ones all the time! If you don’t see one you like, suggest it to me!


And here is my template for the first message I sent to the test group once I’ve selected all testers. Again feel free to adapt for your use if helpful.
Group PM
Thanks for signing up to test! Reminders:
-Journal with at least one pic of finished project due by 11:59pm on DATE
-Send testing related questions, comments, criticisms, or errors in this chat or PM, please, since journals become public.
-Use any yarn and colors you like. I love seeing your creativity!


Optional - once you’ve selected all your testers, close the testing call post by tagging the leaders and asking to close, update the subject to say CLOSED, remove the testing link and replace with something like this:

Testing is closed, thank you so much for your support!
Follow to enter giveaways and see new patterns and test opportunities! (your $elfee link).

Testing on Ribblr is amazing. I’m am forever grateful to the kind Ribblrs who donate their time and skill to help me publish my designs. I take their feedback quite seriously and have even completely rewritten one pattern based on tester feedback. :yarn::unicorn: I always gift the pattern to testers, or if it will be a freebie, I give them their choice of a paid pattern from my shop. :orange_heart: You don’t have to do that but it is a nice gesture.

After you start building a following of loyal testers you can make testing calls to a closed group if you want to, but I like to give new folks a chance and get fresh perspectives so I always approve at least one tester with low or no karma points. Good luck with your designs!


Thank you for your responses!! I’ll make sure to keep these all in mind while writing a tester call!!!


hey just wondering, what does PM mean in Ribblr? (I’m kinda new still)


PM means Private Message. That’s something I picked up while being on here


ohhh, TYSM