How to write a tester call

Hi! Journals are a review for patterns so having them is great since it shows the pattern is reliable, during testing if the pattern is unpublished the journals can only be viewed by the designer, also make sure nothing explicit about the pattern is shown, as once public it will be viewable for anyone without having bought the pattern so it’s a good idea to view journals before you publish a pattern to make sure it’s not shown

One of the steps Ribblr recommends is to make a group chat with all the testers, that’s where all the feedback/mistakes/etc from testers will be sent, make sure it’s not in the journal as previously stated it will be for public viewing and will give the impression that the final pattern has mistakes when it’s during the testing phase not the final pattern that has the mistakes

When choosing applicants there will numbers besides them that’s karma, karma is giving when testers complete a test pattern

1 Karma = 1 completed test

This is only given when the designer picks the gift and remove option, you should only click gift and remove when the testers complete all the requirements you set for the testing call

Newcomers and those that don’t test will most likely have lower karma

Make sure to visit the help center and use the keyword test to look at more useful info and the testing guidelines to make sure your following everything correctly, don’t hesitate to ask anymore questions if you need more clarification :smile: