Howdy 👋 🤠

Soooooo, what patterns do you guys want to see from me? My shop’s been a little inactive for a while so I’m trying to gain recognition again. It would be awesome if you could put your ideas below or choose from the poll! Thanks :blush: (and ty @Stinker for the idea)

~Cozy :yellow_heart:

  • More food blobs! (Any)
  • Nothing! (I hate your shop tehe)
  • Dino
  • Birb
  • Something unique?
  • Useable items (such as a coaster etc.)
  • Idek (just make whatever and I’ll prolly like it)
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I made a poll for what people wanted to see me make and it seemed to be unmistakably a dino. Maybe you should try a dino :t_rex:!
(Here is the link to the post if you’d like to see what some ppl would like What Do You Guys Want? )


What if you did like a dragon or smth?


i don’t hate your shop it just made me laugh!! i think birbs :sparkles:

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lol okiiii

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We’re tied at birb, something unique, and dino

dino with a birb hat (or other way around) dino w hats series??


Alrrrrr guess we’re doing a dino!! Don’t worry tho, for the ones who voted for other things I will put them on the list of patterns to create! :sparkling_heart: