Hugs (short story)

I gasp and run out of the locker room. This dude was in the girl’s locker room! I knew there was a girl who went with the boys but I didn’t think it would escalate this far! I whip out my phone and text Dan:

I need a hug ASAP DX

I barely have to wait a minute for his response.

Alr might I ask why

I’ll tell you once I get that hug

Guess I gotta get there with

that hug then don’t I


I pocket my phone and go into the bathroom to change- or have a mental breakdown, whichever happens first. Probably the latter.

After practice while I’m waiting on my dad to pick me up, I see Dan hop out of the passenger side of his sister’s car. She must’ve driven him here at his request. I can’t help but smile when I see him. He walks towards me and when he gets within a few yards, opens his arms in the motion to hug me. I drop my flags and run into his arms. I bury my head in his chest and hug him as tight as I can and don’t let go until what feels like forever has passed. He holds me at arms length, hands on my shoulders and looks me dead in the eyes.

“What happened?” A concerned look resides in his face. I take a deep breath.

“We’re gonna be here a while- or not I just like to be dramatic.” I chuckle. “So you know how you said that a girl went in with the boys to quote unquote “change” and I said if a dude ever did that and came with the girls to “change” I would have beef? Long story short, I got beef now. But when I saw that a dude was in the lady’s locker room, I dropped everything. . . well, figurative stuff anyways, and practically ran out of there.”

“Pretty good reason to need a hug for me.” He pulls me in to one last hug before we part ways as my dad had just pulled up. He says to me right before I walk to the car to head home, “I’m always here if you need anything.” I nod and head to get in the car. Dad asks what happened and I give him the whole rundown of the incident. He teases me about the hug the rest of the way home.