I do not have the ability to follow shops ):

My devices (iPad, iPhone, windows) don’t have the heart icon to follow a shop. What do I do? (I am using the website)


That’s strange, do you happen to have a screenshot of a shop?

(iPad, website)

(iPhone, website)

Somebody must have a iphone they could test it with for you. This shows it on my android.

Lucky I’m so desperate

Hi there! Might be a silly question but sure you sure you are logged in?


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Could you please send us a video grab?
You can send us a link to Google or Apple photos in private or upload it to imgur.

To take a video of your screen on iPhone please pull from the top right and then hit the record button.

Idk if I am late, but let me see if I can help!
1 -try turning your phone to the landscape veiw, so on the side.
2- Try clicking where the follow heart would be, so on the top, or beside the shop logo.
3 - you probably already tried this, but reload the page while on the shop, and try 1, or 2.
Hopefully one of the suggestions helped <3


I know this is an older thread but I’m having the same issue on google chrome, I have just joined. I don’t believe I saw a limitation for new users to follow shops, if there is my bad! I don’t have enough space on my phone/tablet for a new app at the moment and am using my computer (Windows 11, chrome browser). I’ll attach a photo:

From other screenshots, the follow should be on the top right?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Are you logged in? Make sure you’re not in incognito mode.
Please DM us if you need more help.