I have questions.

I need to know how to make my stitches not so tight. I’ve tried a lot of things, but none have worked out so far. Can you guys help me out?


Try using a larger hook than what is recommended. You can also not tighten your yarn as much.


I think you will have to practice with your tension by do small swatches, make sure your hands/wrists are relaxed, perhaps doing some crochet hand exercises could possibly help.

Making sure you’re posture is a good could also potentially help, something that could help is going up a hook size


Hi, other than the 2 great tips given above i have to add: if you are using YU, this is tighter compared to YO, so YO should help if its not being used already :slight_smile:


Larger hook is definitely an important aspect. As well as looking over how you crochet in minite detail. For instance. I tend to absentmindedly pull sts a little tighter when making amigurumi to get that perfect no hole look.

I have to actively work against that ingrained tactic when i make blankets, scarves and clothing.

As mentioned with the gauge swatches, this can help you work around your tension. For instance, if a 10sts x 10 sts with a 5mm hook needs to be 5inch x 5inch square. You may find you can reach that 5in x 5in gauge using the same uarn and sts count with a 6mm hook. Or even changing yarn size can help.

Like one of my weird quirks is that the smaller the yarn, the looser i crochet. But the larger the yarn gets, the tighter i tend to crochet.

Noticing those little unique quirks about your crafting type can help a lot with understanding how to reach your desired result.


Yarn rings might help keep an even tension if that’s something you hav trouble with :slight_smile: