I’m being commissioned! But I need help

So recently I started selling some of my makes online, and yesterday someone asked me to create just about the hardest things I can think of: either stitch or angel from lilo and stitch, and either mini mouse or Mickey.
So I really want to do it because it’s my first ever commission. So that means I need patterns.
Does anyone know of any Free patterns for these things? If it’s a yt video please put the link. Tysm!


Gl! these seem fun too make


Found these free mickey and minie ones:FREE Mickey Minnie Mouse Couple: Crochet pattern | Ribblr
And I know you want free patterns, but this one is really good:Blue Pink Alien Lovey Pattern: Crochet pattern | Ribblr


@HuggleNHooks has a super cute Stitch pattern! :blue_heart:


THANKYOU so much x


There is a free stitch pattern on Lovecraft’s.


Thank you all so much!

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There’s plenty of free patterns for stitch online, I printed one off a few years back but I can’t remember who it’s by atm. I’ll have to look in my google drive.
As for Angel I haven’t a clue as I haven’t look for that one yet.
Just be careful if you share photos not to link in your selling pages/site Disney are ruthless with DMC notices

That’s who designed the one I have strarted to make, really nice pattern, easy to follow. Works about the width of an iPad air 5 or 11” pro 2020 (no tape measure to hand lol)

Thanks! I’m currently waiting on a lady to give me a skein of light blue so I can work on stitch.