I need advice... </3

My situation is quite literally an impossible one. I did want to send my nieces an email now in case I couldn’t ever talk to or see them ever again. This is what I have in mind, but please tell me any changes or improvements to make for it. I only get to send it to the older one because the younger one is too young to read and doesn’t have an email account too. Ages are 11 (12 this year) and 5 (birthday already passed). I just want them to know that I love them so much and wish I could be there, that’s really all but I still wanted to ask for advice.


i’m so sorry for you… it’s seems good to me tho, really sweet :heart:


thank you <33 I just need them to know how much they mean to me before its too late…


I think it sounds beautiful. I’m closer in age to your neice, but I know for a fact if I received that from an Aunt I’d feel it. I’m so sorry you have to send this <3


That is so sweet and I hope they love it and I’ll be praying for you, to be better and well. And I’m so sorry.


I’m so sorry Ashy :sob:, and this is beauftiful!

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