I need an ami guru!

I’m working on my freehand butterfly, and I’m stuck on how to attach the wings. There is stuffing involved and I would love someone’s opinion. I’ve got two ways in mind with which to attach them, I’m just not sure which will be easiest when others make the pattern.

Also, someone helped me with the antenna, how do I properly credit them in the pattern? I want to make sure to do that if I use their specific method, I’m trying a couple of things, pipe cleaners arriving today. :crossed_fingers:t3:

If there is someone comfortable private messaging me, I don’t want to give too much of the pattern away :grin:. Thank you in advance! Maybe someone who also has editing experience? I’m still building the pattern, but I will need a pair of eyes on it when I’m finished.


I know @OBabyNMore has volunteered to proofread patterns


I found one! Someone msged me! Yay!