I need free patterns😨

So I finished a shirt that I made I made it for my sister it was originally gonna be for me but it doesn’t fit me and I don’t feel like fixing it so I just gave it to my sister and she loved it the problem is I have an addiction I’m Addicted to crochet if I don’t find anything to crochet that I’m gonna cry so please somebody I need some free patterns to make can anybody give me any ideas?
I just need something quick and easy to make under 30 minutes​:fearful: and a quick edit the only colours I have are orange blue a little bit of pink a little bit of green a lot of black a lot of red and a little bit of yellow


Ohh ok I have a strawberry pattern in my shop and it works up in about 20- 30 mins depending on your skill! And I will go looking for some more!


i have a little bee pattern that works up in 30 minutes or less